7 helpful websites for your site

1) Colourlovers
This site seems to have an endless amount of colors, color schemes, and patterns. And this site also has shapes! It's totally free and you can sign up and make your own color schemes. You can almost search anything and something will come up. The color schemes are really good and if you need some, this is the place to go

2) Deviantart
A lot of people have deviantart accounts already, but if you don't you should make one. There are so many resources on there and they have categories to find what you are looking for. It's also a good way to show off your art and submit the things you've made. A lot of great artist, photographers, and graphic designers are on deviantart too.

3) Net2Ftp
This site is mostly helpful when you want to write a blog or update and you are on vacation. You don't have to download anything because it's a "web based FTP client." The downside is that it may not always work, but 90% of the time I've used it, it has worked.

4) Webdesign
This site provides tutorials, articles, tips, and it also has a video section. Here you, obviously, learn HTML/CSS, javascript, and other tutorials dealing with web design. The articles are about different things in web design including quizzes and reviews. They also provide tips for the main things surrounding web design.

5) CSS-tricks
This is another good site for web design, but it's mostly tutorials. You can find good effects to make your site more exciting. They also have a "Demo" section where you can download javascripts, css, layout templates, and PHP stuff. 6) w3schools
This site is very common. It basically teaches you all of the things about coding web layouts. It all goes in order so it's easy to follow. How it works is that you have an explanation and then you get to test it out yourself with a demo.

7) DaFont
You are going to need fonts for different things and DaFont has thousands upon thousands of fonts to download. It's also a free site so don't take it for granted and ignore the rules that the font creator has made because they are give you their fonts for FREE.