taking a break from your site and social media

Being on the internet can be annoying, but sometimes it can be so enervating that you want to just delete all your social media. Owning a site on top of all that does not help. Owning a site can take up some much needed personal time and stare at a computer (or phone) screen for hours is not good for anyone.. Everyone needs a break every now-and-then.

log out

Log out of all the social media sites/apps that you frequent. Deleting the app is also a good idea so you won't be tempted to log back in. On social media you see and deal with a lot of people you would not want to be around in real life.

declutter your social life

Delete and erase anything you don't want on your social media profiles anymore, and unfollow and block anyone who you don't like to see on social media. It's your internet experience and you have 100% control over it so you don't have to feel bad for deleting someone off of facebook. Deactivating old accounts or a current account can also make you feel better.

Avoid any internet work

Don't be tempted to open photoshop and work on something "just for five minutes." Five minutes can quickly turn into five hours.

Find inspiration outside the internet

As cheesy as it can be, going outside and taking in the scenery can be a huge source of inspiration. Just being outside in fresh air can make you feel better about your day.