get more hIt's

1) Your layout

Most people do mention how your layout does bring back visitors and it does. If you have a good layout and you put effort into coding and your layout people will see that and will most likely check out the rest of your site. Remember very bright colors are blinding! Many people say this but it is very true. The main page, and all pages for that fact, she be organized. You want a good alignment and everything should be in place. If you have random buttons and multiply pages, no one will come back. It's best not to be over the top for your site because it does get tedious. You always want to stand out but It's not easy BUT It's not hard. Your layout should not stretch the page because some people get annoyed of that. When you are making you layout don't try to follow trends because people do get sick of trends. Try to be unique and the people will love it.

2) Content and tutorials

This is the most important thing. It's basically the whole point and concept of your site! You content must be saved in good quality, made in programs like photoshop, paint shop pro, and photofiltre. Making graphics online using sites like photobucket and piknik will not turn out good and your site will hardly get noticed. A lot of people come to sites for tutorials. A lot of people do need help with programs and will ask you. On social networks others may ask you how you made something. It's best to make tutorials of things in high demand and a lot of people ask for, but don't make the same tutorials that many other sites because people will just think you're another site. Don't make the content that looks the same. For example, all you graphics should not be the same style or have the same color editing because people will get tired of seeing the same thing on your site and will not come back. Try to have a variety of content that a lot of people use. Just because you and others don't use icons on facebook doesn't mean they use them on other websites or forums. Think about everyone coming to your site and the different sites they use. Try to appeal to everyone.

3) Affiliates, advertising, and banners

The first thing to do is get a cbox at or get a "shout box". This way it is easier to communicate with people. Most people ask to be affies in your cbox besides on social networks. It's good to have affiliates because you will get noticed because people actually DO check out other peoples affiliates. Advertising on another site is good. More popular and "bigger" sites might make you pay, but if you are affiliates with someone they will probably put your button on their site. Now for making a banner most sites make 2 types a buttons, 88x31 and 237x120. Make your banner/button eye catching that someone will want to click because your button does represent your site.

4) how you represent yourself

A lot of sites have this bad attitude because they feel like they are getting very popular and that makes people leave your site. If someone dislikes your site and leaves a mean message in your cbox or on your social network profile just ignore it. There is no reason to get upset about it because most people won't like your site and you can't do anything about that. The best thing to do is just delete the message and go on. When some people go to sites and see curse words everywhere, they usually leave. Not everyone thinks cussing is "cool" or some just don't like it. Plus you never know who could be viewing your site and you don't want to give out a bad impression and make people view your site in a bad light. Be nice to other sites! It makes a site really happy when another site compliments their site or just their layout. Being kind to people is a good way to bring back visitors because people will not be reluctant to ask you a question or to come back.