6th Street Signature

1) Create your document, mine is 500X200.Paste this texture onto your document and erase the middle then change the opacity to 50%. Make sure this texture is the first texture and you can see the checkered background when you lower the opacity

2) Cut out your model/subject, I used photos from fashiongonerogue. Move it to the middle of the document. Paste this texture on your documen; you may need to resize it. Select the heart then go to select>modify>expand and change your settings to 3 then invert your selection and delete the rest of the background. Cut out another smaller image of the same model/subject and position it over the right side of the heart.

3) Paste this texture on your document and set the layer mode to 'soft light'. You should be able to see the first texture you added to the document and the checkered pattern should be gone. Paste this texture onto the document and set the layer mode to 'Color Burn'.

4) Take this photo and resize it and then change the layer mode to 'Screen'. You can erase parts of it to your liking but this is how I did it:

5) Take this texture and desturate it and change the layer mode to 'Soft Light'.

6) Coloring

Color Fill
Set the layer mode to 'Soft Light' and change the opacity to 20%.

I used this psd by pocketjud on deviantart

7) Add text or anything else and you are finished