Dark and Light Gif meme tutorial

Gif your scene to begin. For dark scenes it is obviously smarter to use a scene with a darker background and same goes for lights.


1) Since my scene is darker, I duplicated my smart filter layer twice and changed the layer modes to 'Screen' (if you aren't using the smart filter trick then just use the Brightness/Contrast adjustment and adjust the Brightness to your liking)
 photo hdbright.png

2) I did some simple coloring on this gif:
brightness: 0
contrast: 80

Selective Color
reds: -19, -26, -56, -14

 photo hdcoloring.png

3) Since this gif has minimal movement, I just made a selection of the person with the Polygon Lasso Tool. Once you have your selection, inverse it (shift + ctrl + I or Select > Inverse).

4) Once you have your inverted selection, create a new layer and fill the layer with black. Guassian blur the layer (I used 2.4 pixels).

 photo hdblackbackground.png

5) To make it look more natural I used a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer and changed the contrast to 98, but it may be different for your gif or your gif might not need it.

 photo 5.gif  photo 2.gif  photo 6.gif


1) Brightness/Contrast
brightness: 119
contrast: 33
 photo hlbright.png

2) I did a bit more coloring for this gif
Color Balance
midtones: -100, 0, 100
Change the layer mode to 'Soft Light'
 photo hlcoloring.png

3) Instead of making a selection with the Polygon Lasso Tool, I used a soft brush (around 85px) and filled in a blank layer with white (avoiding the subject of the gif) because this gif had more movement.
 photo hlbackground.png

4) Coloring
Selective Color
reds: 43, -37, -27, 0

Selective Color
whites: 0, 0, -24, 0

brightness: 23

 photo 1.gif  photo 3.gif  photo 4.gif