Clock texture tutorial

1) Make a new document with the size of 900x900 or whatever you desire. Get a color scheme or pick out colors you want to use. Fill the background with a random color or one of the colors from the color scheme.

2) For the clocks I used two photos from deviant art. Take this clock and using the polygon lasso tool, cut out the clock. Resize it if needed and put it in the center of the document. Take this clock photo and cut out the background using the polygon lasso tool. Resize the clock so it is smaller than the larger clock. Move the little clock towards the lower right area of the clock.

3) Download this brush set and once you have it downloaded pick different colors from your color scheme and with different brushes from this set stamp the more solid brushes around the clocks but, stamp the more transparent brushes over the clocks.

4) Save these two brushes. Stamp them anywhere on near the clocks. Set the layer modes to 'Soft Light'.

5) Use two of these more brushes (pic two that you want to use) word brushes and set the blending mode to 'Soft Light'.

6) Take this brush made by abscenced@DA. Stamp the brush over the little clock and set the blending mode to 'Overlay'

7) Go to Layer>New Fill Layer>Gradient Fill. Make the gradient black to transparent. For style change the style to radial, check the reverse box, and lastly change the scale to 150%. Change the blending mode to 'Soft Light'

8) Again go to Layer> New Fill Layer> Gradient Fill. This time make the gradient white to transparent. For the style make sure the reverse box is NOT checked, and lastly change the scale to 150%. Change the layer mode to 'Soft Light'

9) Save these brushes into photoshop. Stamp them over your document so they cover the document. It will have a low opacity look but do not add anymore. Once you have them on the document, motion blur them and change the layer mode to 'Soft Light' or 'Overlay'

Now you are finished! You should have something like this: