Color Porn 101!

I've never been so excited to do a tutorial but I am today!

What is color porn?

It is hard to define color porn but what it is a gif set or graphic, that you'll mostly see on tumblr, with colors that are meant to stand out. Still don't get it? Here are some examples of my favorite color porn post from tumblr.
Spring Breakers, Marina and the diamonds, Lydia Martin
Get it now?

"But what color do I use?"

Most color porn gifs and graphics use the original colors of the gif or screen cap to their advantages.

Her hair is a reddish/orangish color and her background is grey. I made the background grey and her hair stand out.

Method 1

1) Make a new layer and take a 100px soft brush and make a color blend of Dark red, red, and black or of the colors you are using. You may have to guassian blur the layer if it doesn't blend well.

2) Open up your cap and resize it if you want. Add your color blend to the top of it. Select the subject of your cap/gif and delete the selected area on your color blend

3) Set the layer mode and to 'Soft Light' and play around with the opacity 4) coloring:
Make a Levels layer and keep the setting the same and change the layer mode to 'Screen'. Duplicate the levels layer again and change the layer mode to 50%.

brightness: 0
contrast: 49

duplicate the color blend layer and change the layer mode to 'Screen' and opacity to 70%

method 2

brightness: 150
contrast: 30

Color Balance
Midtones: 0, 0, 100
Shadows: 0, 0, 0
Highlights: 0, 0, 0

vibrance: 100
Saturation: 43

vibrance: 28

Method 3

Earlier I talked about coloring to your advantage, well that's what plays a major role in this method (it's probably my 2nd favorite!!) I'm going to show you how to make the colorings using the 6 colors of the rainbow, pink, and white. Hopefully that makes sense but let's begin!

What I like to do first is find the red in the photo so I know where to erase when I mask my color blend.

Since her face has colors of reds, I'll erase the part of the color blend coloring her face.

Creating the color blend:
When creating a color blend use all the values of the color being used! Also, use only one layer to get a better blending effect.

I like to use dark reds and black on the edges and brighter reds in the middle. Guassian blur the colors to your liking.
I normally don't change the layer mode to 'Screen' or anything else, I usually keep it on 'normal' but I change the opacity to around 50%-75% COLOR BALANCE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!! color balance manipulates color really well and it comes out much more natural then selective coloring or hue/satuartion.

I'm going to work with a lighter screen cap now. Make your color blend. You still should use black, darks, and bright colors for your color blend. Since the screen cap is lighter I changed the layer mode to 'Screen' and I lowered the opacity to 50%. When making the screen cap lighter, I still make a levels layer without making adjustments and change the layer mode to 'Screen' and I duplicate it again but I keep the opacity at a low level. Once you add more of your adjustments duplicate your color blend layer again and move it to the top. Keep the layer mode at 'Screen' and change the opacity to 100%.

I'm not going to do all the colors but I wanted to show you how to work with a normal cap(which is normally dark) and a light screen cap.

Method 4

The moment I've been waiting for!! My favorite method: Using blending textures and light leaks. I recently discovered this method and I'm still experimenting with it and I love it. Everything I have said before when it comes to choosing what color to use and what adjustments to use is still relevant. The only thing you don't need for this method is how to make color blends because we don't use color blends in this method.
Here are my favorite blending textures:
1 2 3< 4 5 6

For the next two demonstrations I use Scatha's texture pack. For Light gifs/screen caps I picked out all the textures that match and have the same colors.

Add textures 16&17 to your screen cap/gif. You may need to resize it. Change the layer mode on both textures to 'Screen'.

Make your levels layer and don't change the adjustments. Change the layer mode to 'Screen' and duplicate it again and change the opacity to 40%
brightness: 0
contrast: 60

vibrance: 39

Now add texture #10 and change the layer mode to 'Soft Light' and the opacity to 54%.

vibrance: 56

Selective Color
Reds: -41, -12, -42, 6
Yellows: -31, 19, 66, 0
Change the opacity to 30% - 50%

Selective Color
Greens: -100,-100, 97, -3
Cyans: 88, 46, -21, 12
Change the layer mode to 'Color'

Selective Color
Reds: 0, 0, -30, 0
Yellows: 0, 0, 56, 0

For dark GIFS/screen caps:
Once again the textures match in color

Add textures 14&15. Change the layer mode to 'Screen' and change the opacity to 20% on both.

Make your levels layer and don't change the adjustments. Change the layer mode to 'Screen' and duplicate it again and change the opacity to 50%
brightness: 0
contrast: 100

vibrance: 35

Now add texture #20 and change the layer mode to 'Soft Light'

Selective Color
Cyans: 62, 63, -24, 0
Magentas: 100, 30, 66, 100

Brightness: 0
Contrast: 21

Color Balance
Midtones: -24, 29, -30
Shadows: 5, 12, -23
Highlights: 0, 0, 0

Duplicate the GIF/screen cap and change the layer mode to 'Soft Light' and the opacity to 30%.

Two Colors:


Well this was a long tutorial. I hope you love color porn as much as me. If you need help understanding something or something is confusing, let me know and I will go back and fix it!