Fever Dream Blend

1) Create your document, I made mine the size of 900x600 but some people use 800x600. Download my 'rust' texture pack in the texture section. Take texture 'r2' and place it on the document. I resized it a little bit and centered it.

2) Next add this building stock to your document, and move it to the left side of the document. Don't erase anything, just leave it as it is. Add this stock and erased the sides so you can only see the curtains. Place it over the building stock near the top then duplicate it and change the opacity to 50% and move the duplicated layer towards the bottom right of the document.

3) Next take this room stock, and erase the edges and erase everything so that the curtain and window is the main focus. If the white table of chair isn't perfectly erased that is okay. Add this building texture and move it so it is covering the bottom area of the previous stock added. Next add this window stock and erase everything besides the window and the curtain hanging out. Move that stock so it is covering the balcony (towards the bottom) of the first stock on the document. Size it and line it with the lines of the door.

4) Erase everything besides the clock in this stock a move it over the last stock placed on the document. Add this ocean stock and move it in the center. Select the image of the stock using the marquee tool and create a new fill layer and fill it with white (#ffffff). Move the fill layer under the stock. Now erase the sides of the stock so you can see the white rectangle's sides. Change the opacity of the fill layer to 50%.

5) Go back to the stock of the curtain with a 50% opacity and move it above the other layers. Next add your main model to the middle of the document. The images of the model I used can be found here. When choosing the main model, use an image that is big enough to to almost cover the width of the ocean stock. Erase the unwanted areas of the model image. Take another image of your model and resize it so it's smaller than the main image. Move it so it blends a little with your main model, it doesn't matter if it's not blended perfectly.

6) Take this last stock and erase the edges so the hard eges are gone. Move it in between the two models. I moved it so it covered half of my main model's face. Download this texture pack by Carllton on DeviantArt and add the second texture to your document. Try to center it with your model images. Set the layer mode to "Multiply" and change the opacity to 50%. Duplicate that texture and set the layer mode to 'Soft Light', but keep the opacity the same. Take the 'r1' texture from my rust texture pack and resize it so it fits perfect in the document. Change the layer mode to 'Soft Light' ad the opacity to around 20%~50%.

7) Add any light textures, coloring, and text you want, and you're finished.