Simple Gif Edit

1) The first thing to do is make your gif or upload your screencap. You can make your dimensions what ever you want, I made mine 460x224.

2) sharpen you gif/cap to your liking. make a vibrance adjustment layer and change it to '-100'

3) coloring

Color Balance
Midtones: 0, 0, 20
Chnage the opacity to 40

Output: 217 Input: 163

Selective Color
Black: 0, 0, 0, 6

brightness: 84
contrast: 2

Vibrance (hue/saturation for cs3 and below):
vibrance (saturation): 38

Color Fill
Set the opacity to 20%

brightness: 3
contrast: 35

hue: 0
saturation: -20

Color Fill
Set the layer mode to 'Soft Light' and the opacity to 20%

Selective Color
Reds: -63, -25, 36, 60

brightness: 0
contrast: 28

4) Add this texture onto the gif/cap. Resize and rotate it they way you want. Change the layer mode to 'Screen' and change the opacity to 70%. Duplicate your original gif/cap layer and change the layer mode to 'Screen'. Duplicate the gif/cap layer again and change the layer mode to 'Soft Light' and change the fill to 82%.