1) Open your document and copy your photo to it, or just open your photo if you have it saved on your computer. Before I start I always duplicate my first layer in case I mess up or I don't like results. So I after I duplicated my first and I went to Filter> Stylize> Winds. For the method use 'Stagger' and you can chose which way you want it to flow

2) Duplicate the original layer and move it to the top. Go to Filter> Pixelate> Fragment and set the layer mode to 'Screen' and set the opacity to 80%. After that, add any coloring or edit the photo however you like. 3) Go to File> Save for Web & Devices. For a better effect we are going to save this as a gif so it looks pretty grainy. Change the Pattern (or diffusion) to noise and adjust the color however you want it, I set my colors to 16.