Nature texture

1) My document size is 900x600 then change the background color to #dfdfdf. Copy this photo to your document, resize it and change the layer mode to 'Soft light'. Go to Filter> Blur> Motion Blur, for the degrees make it 45 and you can play with the distance.

2) Next paste this photo to your document and go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur and play with the radius then change the layer mode to 'Overlay'. Copy this photo onto the document and do the exact same thing to this layer that you did to the last one, but change the layer mode to 'Overlay'.

3) With this next photo, set the layer mode to 'soft light'. Next make a new layer and fill it with black. Get a soft round brush around the size of 300px and stamp it around for photo randomly. If it doesn't look good enough then just guassian blur it. Change the layer mode to 'Soft Light'.

4) Next you want a color scheme. I used one from colourlovers and use the called 'Campfire Girl'. SO I used the first four colors to make them side-by-side with the brush.

I guassian blurred it to about 10-15px then I set the layer mode to 'Soft Light'.

5) Coloring
Vibrance (FOR CS4 AND UP)
vibrance: 100

Hue/Saturation (FOR CS3 AND BELOW)
saturation: 34

Gradient Map
black to white
Change the opacity to 30%

Gradient Map
point 1- #0f8996 location 0%
point 2- #0fbfbc location 32%
point 1- #f4af2f location 71%
point 2- #e8ff57 location 100%
Set the layer mode to 'Soft Light' and set the opacity to 40%

Gradient Fill
black to white
change the layer mode to 'Soft Light'

6) Now that you are finished you can merge the layers and sharpen if you want or just change the coloring.