pale effect

1) I'm going to be using image stock photo. Duplicate the original layer and once you duplicate it hide your original layer. The first thing you want to do is get the burn tool. You are going use every one of the ranges. The first one you will use is midtones and the exposure for each range should be 25 and the brush size 20. Now you are going to go around the area of the eye and it should be a little darker. Now go to the range of shadows. Once again go around the eye area. Now it's a bigger difference but, the darkness will be even out in this process. Now select the highlights range and go around the area one last time. It may look like a black eye and right now that is what you want.

2) With the original layer on top you are going to desaturate it. Set that layer to overlay at 100%. Duplicate that layer and go to filter>other> high pass and set the radius to 2.8. Keep that layer on overlay too. Now your image should looks sharper but, it may be a little bit darker so to add more contrast duplicate the black and white layer and drag both of them to the top. Set the first duplicated black and white layer to 'Linear Burn' at 20% opacity and the other to 'Overlay' at 100%.

3) Duplicate the high pass layer and drag it to the top and keep the options the same. Now to lighten this photo up a bit duplicate the black and white layer again and drag it to the top and set the mode to screen and the opacity to 20%. Duplicate the high pass layer one last time and keep the mode on overlay and change the opacity to 20%. Hide all the layers except the original one with the "Black eyes" go back to the burn tool and make these dark spots a little bigger.

4) To make these spots a little lighter and red get the dodge tool. Use all the ranges and the exposures should be set on 20%. Now make the brush smaller and go to the eyes. Get the eyes very light. Make it to the point where her eyes look almost dull and lifeless. Now go back to a larger brush and lighten the skin. You can also unhide the layers to help you get to what you think looks best

Brightness/Contrast Brightness: -13 Contrast: 16

Color Balance Midtones: -40, 27, 18 Shadows: -33, -49, -42

Set the color balance blending mode to 'Saturation' and you can change the opacity but, the opacity I used was 70%

Now you are done, you should have something like this