technical Blend

1) Make a new document the size of 900x600 and keep the background, or make sure the background is white. Save yourpattern to photoshop (Edit> Define Pattern) and make a new pattern layer by going to Layer>New fill layer> Pattern. Change the opacity to 50%. Save this pattern and save that into photoshop and also make a new pattern layer. Set the opacity of the second pattern to 20%.

2) Paste your photo of your model, or the one I used, on your document. Next click the layer mask button or go to Layer> Layer mask> Reveal all. Once your model photo has a layer mask, download these brushes from masterjinn on deviantart. Also download these brushes from aulxdayz on deviantart. Once you have them download, click the eraser button or just press 'E'. Make sure your foreground and background colors are set to default (Black and White). With the brushes click on the edges and they should disappear, if they do not make sure your foreground and background colors are set on default. Try to erase most of the background in the photo.

3) Define this brush and place on the left side of the model, half on her face and half on her face. Download this brush set from raekre. Using one of the lines that go vertical, and once you pick them out erase most of them to where it looks like streaks. Download this brush set from SupGFX. With one of the line brushes, you can place it anywhere on your document. I put it over my model's eye then set the layer mode to 'Overlay'.

4) Saving these "sketch" brushes made by abscened, place them on the document and erase most of it with a soft, round brush. I moved them to the bottom of my model and on the collar of her shirt but you can do differently. 5) Download this "tech" brushes pack made by fortelegy and pick one of the brushes and place it near the top of the document. You can move it around where ever you want as long as the brush is not covering the models eyes.

6) Save this brush into photoshop made by its rightful owner and place it around the photo to where it looks like it is framing the model. Download this brush pack from Metal-CX. Take one of the brushes and place it anywhere on your photo. I placed it on the last brush put on the document and a little bit on the model.

7) Duplicate the model photo and set the layer mode to 'Soft Light'. Taking another brush from the tech brush pack, place it anywhere on your document then set the opacity to 20%. Make new layer and taking another tech brush, move it under the original model photo. You may want to erase some of it depending on what brush you pick but for best erasing results, erase it with the pen or polygon lasso tool. Save this linear brush , made by its rightful owner, and place it behind your model. You can erase but it is optional.