textures using photographs

For this texture, we will be using photographs that I took but you can use some similar to mine.

1) You can make the document any size you want but I prefer 900x600. The first image I used was bathroom titles. I had to resize it since my photos are large so you may just want to resize them all.

2) Next I used the fireplace photo. I set the layer mode to 'Soft Light' and the opacity to 45%. You can position it however you want.

3) The next image is a picture of pink curtains. You can use any color curtains or you can just use hue/saturation on the picture of my curtains. Set the layer mode to 'Overlay' and the opacity to 60%.

4) Next I used a random photo that was out of focus. The darker part should showing at the bottom. Set the layer mode to 'Overlay' and keep the opacity at 100%.

5) coloring
brightness: 20
contrast: o

Color Balance
midtones: 0, 0, -3
shadows: 12, 27, 0
highlights: 0, 0, 1

6) Merge all your layers if you want or just save it. If you use my photos please give credit. Final product.