tiger signature

Make a new document thats 673 pixels wide and 318 pixels height Take these images, X X
, and blend them like this

To blend it good, take the forest layer and put it over the cloud/moutain picture Erase the are where most of land/mountain is located which is the bottom. Merge those two images then dublicate it and flip it, then put them together. Take this photo: x (WARNING: this photo does contain nudity). Erase around the model with a brush with the hardness at 0%. Make sure the model is over the area where the two layers, the one flipped and not flipped, to make it look better. Take this photo of a tiger, x and set the layer mode to 'Lighten' Erase everywhere except for around the hair like this

Duplicate the image of the model, and drag it to the top. Set that layer to 'Soft Light'. Take this, x , texture from Take this, vanessax17 . Set the layer mode to 'Overlay' at the opacity of 61%.
The color part is ver long so I made a psd for it CLICK THIS TO DOWNLOAD THE PSD

if you want, you can use your own coloring. Now you are finished!!!
Final product