1) Open your picture. I'm going to be using this picture.

2) Go to filter>blur> Gaussian blur. Set the radius to 0.5.

3) Now go to filter>blur>smart blur. Set your settings like mine

4) Then go to filter>blur>surface blur. Set the radius to 5 and threshold to 15.

5) The duplicate the layer (CTRL+D).

6) Go to filter>artistic>cutout. Set your settings like mine.

7) Then set that layer to 'Screen' 50% opacity.

8) Duplicate the bottom layer.

9) Go to filter>noise>add noise. The amount on noise is 100% and the 'distribution' is to be set on 'Gaussian'.

10) Set the layer that has noise to 'Soft Light' at 10% opacity.

11) Merge the layers.

12) Go to filter>sharpen>smart sharpen.

13) The amount should be 50% and the radius should be 5.5.